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The only bad workout is the one that didn`t happen


In fitness there is no quick fix so if you think you are truly ready to make a change then I can help you achieve your goals and most importantly I will make you feel confident enough so you can continue your journey to great fitness and well being all by yourself. I`m passionate about fitness and I know how much it takes to stay focused and try to follow your goals. I will be there to support and to encourage you every step of the way. We will set attainable goals together, take it one step at a time and work hard for you. It won`t be easy, but the results will definitely be worth it.

Packages for men and women for fat loss and muscle & strength gain usually take 6 weeks to complete and include 14 sessions.


A fitness assessment, which will determine your current fitness level and your realistic goals is included in the package. It will usually take one hour to complete.

the Assessment will provide us with your full body fat readings, bmi, blood pressure, your current cardiovascular level and your muscle strength. You will need to answer a few questions about your lifestyle and go through some physical tests.

I will follow this up with written feedback within 48 hours and based on results and calculations of the fitness assessment I will design 14 personal training sessions with specified exercises which will help you to achieve your goals and improve your fitness level.



Sessions will include various cardiovascular exercises with weight training and most importantly I will show you how to use your body as your own gym. Every approach will have your goals in mind and we will be working towards achieving that great body and well-being which you always dreamed of.  

Having in mind your current fitness level and your goals, I will provide you with a package which will include:

  • 14 sessions with various training approaches with relation to your goals,

  • up to 6 weeks of follow ups after completing the package,

  • nutrition recommendations and monitoring,

  • free half an hour consultation,

  • free fitness assessment,

  • written fitness assessment for you to keep. 

Sessions are going to last 60 minutes but at times we may need an extra few minutes to finish that last set. Each exercise will be explained in detail so you have a great understanding of what you are actually doing during the session.

If you wish to,I can also provide you with documentation of your sessions and  progress.

Your current activity level and commitment will be the key to determine the intensity of the sessions required to achieve your goals.

You will be required to complete a weekly food diary for the duration of the package. I can then determine what kind of food may stop you from achieving your goals but don`t worry I won`t make you follow any type of strict diet. The aim is to change your lifestyle to become more active and more aware of what you eat. this will give you better results than any diet can ever provide. It takes a bit longer but hey, remember? There is no quick fix so if you are ready to make a change in your life I can guarantee that once you get a taste of what it feels like to be fit and healthy you will never look back and be motivated to progress further.




Gabriel says: 

"David did more than just help me shape up – he introduced me to a new and improved lifestyle which has brought radical changes. He assessed my fitness level and set up a program for me and kept me motivated whenever I needed it."


Cono says: 

"David is someone who pushes you very hard but in a way which gets you out of your comfort zone without leaving you feeling you have just spent an hour with the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket!"


Kristiyana says:

"I started working with David after I tore my ACL and meniscus - we trained both in preparation for my surgery and afterwards as part of my rehabilitation. David helped me improve my overall fitness and strengthen my legs - and, as I found out later, all of that arm work is very useful on crutches! Training with him was the best thing could do for my physical health, and for my peace of mind."


Joseph says: 

"I've been with him for about 20 sessions now, and seen huge strength/muscles gains I couldn't of achieved without him. He's an incredibly reliable, knowledgeable pt who can both get you to your goals, and teach you independence to continue on without him."