Client Testimonials


Jonathan Sumner:

"David is knowledgeable, professional and good company. We have been working towards achieving my various goals for 3 months now and every session has been well constructed, challenging but ultimately enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend David to anyone looking for an informed and driven instructor."

Elena Pagliei:

"It's been incredibly fun to train with David and I have learnt a lot in the months I worked out with him. He's been great at pushing me over my comfort zone and making me achieve things I did not think I was capable of, always keeping our sessions fun, enjoyable and safe. He is positive and enthusiastic, always there to support you and ready to have a good laugh!" 

Joseph SIddall:

"Great Personal Trainer. I've been with him for about 20 sessions now, and seen huge strength/muscles gains i couldn't of achieved without him. He's an incredibly reliable, knowledgeable pt who can both get you to your goals, and teach you independence to continue on without him."

Aleksandra Rudzka:

"I have just started my "body and mind" transformation journey with David, but can already say that he is very much dedicated and mindful trainer, with some great ideas for the workouts and ways to push me out of the "comfort zone" to actually get where I want to be. I still have a long way to go, but would definitely stick to his training programs and motivational and positive attitude during our sessions."

Gabriel Antonie:

"David did more than just help me shape up – he introduced me to a new and improved lifestyle which has brought radical changes. He assessed my fitness level and set up a program for me and kept me motivated whenever I needed it. Davidfocused on helping me achieve my goals and made every session challenging (& somehow fun). My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more strength and core exercises, also improved my stamina and energy levels & generally pushed myself harder throughout each session. The best thing about David is he pushed me past my comfort level which was something difficult to do on my own. I would recommend David in a heartbeat to anyone seeking health and fitness improvements."

Cono Ariti & Lisa Trigg:

"We have been training with David for three months. David is someone who pushes you very hard but in a way which gets you out of your comfort zone without leaving you feeling you have just spent an hour with the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket! It is great to turn up and all elements of the session are planned and ready to go and aligned with your individual fitness and athletic goals.  Although David gets you to work hard he is friendly and knows when to make changes if you are injured or struggling. Both of us have learnt a lot from training with David and have been introduced to new things which keeps us motivated – and that little bit scared! If you are looking for a trainer who will work with you to achieve your fitness goals in a friendly, supportive and challenging atmosphere then David is your guy! You will get fit and learn a lot in the process."

Amine Bennis:

"Extremely professional, fully dedicated and always in a good mood to make the most of your training. I had 24 sessions of training with David and I have made significant and visible progress as well as gained great self confidence in dealing with the gym machines. I would definitely recommend David as a personal trainer!"

Kristiyana Kalcheva:


"I started working with David after I tore my ACL and meniscus - we trained both in preparation for my surgery and afterwards as part of my rehabilitation. David helped me improve my overall fitness and strengthen my legs - and, as I found out later, all of that arm work is very useful on crutches! Training with him was the best thing could do for my physical health, and for my peace of mind. 
David is extremely supportive and well-prepared, listens to your needs and wants, and always meets you with a smile. My workouts were always fun and challenging, and I have enjoyed using the exercises and routines when I'm working out on my own as well. I'd recommend him to anyone that's looking to do some serious work on themselves and enjoy it as they go along!"


Alan Brookes:

"Whether exercising in the gym or the pool, I have found David to be superbly self-confident, cool, calm, efficient and he delivers his instructions with a very pleasing manner.  He demonstrates what he wants you to do clearly and with lots of patience. The latter is of particular importance to me as an "oldie" who only in later life has adopted a regular exercise-based lifestyle due to health issues.  David is nonetheless firm but fair and treats me with a great deal of respect.  A thoroughly nice chap!"

Lika Berkun:

"Training with David is something I very much look forward to. Having been a professional ballet dancer and now a teacher, it is important for me to constantly stay healthy and in the best possible shape, both physically and emotionally. Although my career was constantly physically demanding and athletic, now that I have stopped, I found that it has become harder to keep myself in such shape as I’d been before and equally hard sometimes to motivate and push myself to work hard in the gym to reach my goals. I knew I needed someone to give me an extra push and belief in myself in order to keep improving.
Sessions with David are hard work and lots of sweat! However, they are also full of encouragement, inspiration and laughs, and most importantly, his ability to make you believe that “You Can!” Having an extensive knowledge of how the body works, along with the individual potentials of all his clients, David can create a very personalized training programme to suit a client’s specific needs and help them achieve their goals. His sessions are never the same. They are exciting and a constant challenge to push yourself one step further than you think you can. I was excited to test my body with new things I hadn’t tried before such as High Intensity Training, Circuit Training, TRX and Boxing, as well as many other machine and body weight exercises. 
After training with David I saw visible results in my body. I was stronger, quicker, and my muscles were lean and supple. He toned areas of my body that needed it, as well as retaining the curves in all the right places. Apart from this, I learned a lot about ways of exercising for specific results, correct technique and about diet. I also understood the importance of exercise and it has become part of my daily lifestyle which keeps me energized and happy, which is important to me.
David is an excellent professional and an inspirational and positive person. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about reaching their goals."    


Gonca Alban:

"I have been training with David for the past 6 months and I have seen great improvement in my fitness level and strength. For me David stands out as a trainer, because training sessions with him are always different, new and exciting. He gets the level right; they are always challenging and push me to my limits, but are just within my reach. He is great at motivating me. I have many times ended up doing things I would not have expected to ever be able to do. Sessions with him are always fun: A good mixture of hard work and laughter. 
He has a wide range of experience and training which he is able to pull from to tailor sessions to meet individual levels, needs and aims. He is very precise about posture and how to do things correctly. No matter what I'm doing and how much weight I'm lifting, I feel safe following his instructions. He uses a combination of cardio, body weight based training, weight lifting, various machines, boxing, TRX, all kinds of bars, rings, and many other equipment in his sessions. 
If there is a specific goal you are working towards, David will be able to plan the right sessions for you and keep you motivated to get you there. I honestly could not recommend him strongly enough. He's brilliant."


Vanessa Taylor:

"I started training with David 6 months ago. I was feeling sluggish and tired but within 4 sessions I started to feel better and my body shape has improvement beyond my expectations. I’d gone to the gym before but I’d always got bored. David’s wide variety of exercises keep it fresh. The sessions are always different and most importantly fun. David has a charming personality and a great sense of humor. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Bhushan Kumar:

"David is a fantastic trainer and very highly recommended - not only has he helped me change the way I work out for the better but has also helped me make better lifestyle choices when it comes to my health. 
His training sessions were invaluable in helping me build and maintain my self-esteem and his committed and positive attitude were instrumental in getting the best out of me. A professional trainer and a really lovely person too."

Zheng Tian:

"David is the best trainer I have ever met. He is super friendly. He really cares about you and helping you to reach your goal. You won`t feel training with a PT but with your friend who is very professional.
He always tries to make your training sessions effective and interesting. His passion and encouragement will deeply influence you and even change your attitude to training. David is also a kind and nice guy who will always help you. I feel so lucky to have him as my personal trainer." 

Vanessa Lowe: 

"Such an enthusiastic trainer. Knows his stuff. Also, I`ve never worked so hard in my life; would definitely recommend."

Alessandra Mariz:

"Training with David Warpas marked the difference between my body, health and habits before and after. It was an experience full of Aha! moments. I learned what to eat and how to exercise to reach my highest potential and health goals.
David`s knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm during our sessions made me change my habits, health and body. I really thank David for his knowledge, time, fun and for being hard on me when needed. I have for David respect and appreciation. After my journey with him I can call him a great personal trainer and my friend. David my best wishes for all your future endeavors." 

Jeannie Latenser:

"David's an excellent trainer. He's very professional and knowledgeable and clearly loves what he does. Make no mistake - he has high expectations and you'll work really hard, but David's very patient and works very hard himself to develop a program that's realistic for my goals and capabilities but also challenges me to improve. He takes great care to ensure that I know how to do the exercises properly and he has a great way of motivating people - a wonderful mix of humor and nudges that make you want to work harder and achieve your fitness goals. (His circuit classes are great, too!)
He really is the best!"

Deepa Umrania:

"What can I say about David? Apart from the fact that he is the best personal trainer I have ever had he is also very passionate about fitness and I love the way he pushes me beyond my comfort zone. I always find it hard to build muscles and David taught me how to love weights. He gave me so much confidence, he`s motivating, encouraging, hard working and pushes you to your max which I love.
I was never really motivated or determined to reach my goals and something always side tracked me. David helped me overcome those distractions and helped me maintain my focus and determination. He supported me with diet advice and made it so much fun to eat well and train in balance. David has made me love fitness, thanks to him I love training and achieving my goals. Thank you David." 

Paulo Miguel

"David is a very nice and welcoming person who establishes good professional relationship with his clients.
David has great knowledge in bio mechanics, nutrition and sport techniques, which are essential to have a complete approach to any exercise/fitness programme.
I am very happy with David's training programme. I felt immediate improvement either in strength and in performance.
David will take you to your limit but he will also keep you always in a great mood. Trust me you will suffer but you will have fun and improve greatly.
I recommend David to anyone who is looking for a Personal Trainer who has a positive professional attitude and focus on the clients' well-being."

David Voakes:

"David is fantastic, I can't speak highly enough of him. He motivates me, every session is different and he tries to include exercises that I like doing. I feel that with David in the driving seat of my fitness journey that I am in very good hands. He is very knowledgeable about both fitness and nutrition and gets the absolute most from me in every session that we do together. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Charles Cui

"I gained so such from David during training with him for a 12 sessions package. He is absolutely a professional trainer who helped me to cut body fat, gain muscle and boost my overall wellbeing. If you are seeking for a personal trainer in Central London or especially in YMCA, he is definitely going to be the right choice."