How to perform reverse close push ups

This type of push-ups is great to get your shoulders bigger. It works very well for anterior part of your shoulder as well as your chest and triceps. It puts big pressure on your wrists so please, make sure to warm them up properly before practicing to avoid any type of injury. By keeping your legs separated for better balance, start from high plank position but this time keep your arms shoulder width. It's very similar to close push-ups which you performed a few weeks ago with one significant difference, you need to point your fingers behind you rather than in front of you. In the beginning, you may find it difficult but as your wrists gain more flexibility you will start feeling more comfortable. Remember to place your hands close to your hips and push your body forward rather than close to your chest. It's very important not to drop your hips, in other words, don't leave your hips behind. You need to move as one without trying to separate your upper body from your lower body. I know it's easier said than done but it's also more dangerous because you put the big stress on your lower back and you may completely miss the point of performing press ups. It's not about how many you can it's about how well you can execute it. After all, it's all about technique.

David WarpasComment