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Push-up Challenge 2

Push up Challenge 2!
If you want to get chest workout done but don't fancy doing weights, you can always try these push-ups. They can be done everywhere so you don't even need to leave your house. 

Allow 20 seconds break between each push-up.

🔴 Standard x12
🔴 Reverse x12
🔴 Archer x10 (5x each side)
🔴 Tap the knee x10 (5x each side)
🔴 Sphinx x10
🔴 Bird Dog x12 (6x each side)
🔴 Plyometric x10
🔴 Repeat 3 times🔥💯💪

Let's do it!!!!


ABS session 2

Abs session 2

Perform 10-20 repetitions for each exercise depending of your current fitness level. Allow up to 30 seconds break between each exercise.
1. Leg raises with hips lift
2. Medicine ball knee tucks
3. Flutters
4. Medicine ball crunches
5. Frog hugs
6. Scissors
7. Toe taps crunches
8. Tapping plank
9. Rest for 45 seconds
🔥repeat 5 times🔥

Good Luck!

Push-ups Challenge 1

Push-ups Challenge which me and my gym buddy will show you is a great way to build chest and arms muscles without leaving your home. 
It's not as easy as it looks.


Allow up to 20 seconds break in between the exercise
1. Standard push ups x10
2. Low tiger push ups x10 🔥
3. Switch push ups x10
4. T push ups x10
5. Sphinx push ups x10
6. Tap opposite knee push ups x10
Repeat 4 times👊🔥🔥🔥

Good luck!

So what is the proper technique for push ups?

Lots of people have the same problem when it comes to proper push-ups technique. Well, Let me break it down for you. Get into high plank position. Place your hands on the floor directly under your shoulders and then place your hands a little bit wider and slightly turn the palm of your hands inside. You need to keep your back straight and don't let your hips collapse.


It's best to keep your feet together but if you still find it too demanding you can keep them separated for now as it may help you with a balance and can make things a little bit easier. Start push-ups by engaging your glutes, hamstrings and most importantly your core muscles as you lower yourself towards the floor. Breathe in on your way down and bring your shoulder blades together. At any point don't let your hips drop and don't arch your back. Keep your body flat and your elbows slightly back and not out, because this can put a lot of stress on your shoulders. Look on the floor or slightly in front of you. Once your chest gets close to the floor, you can start pushing yourself up. Engage your core, breathe out and lift yourself up but remember to keep your whole body tight and in nice straight position without collapsing your hips.


You need to move as one without making a common mistake which causes people to lift your upper body first and leave your lower body behind. Think about your core muscles as a connection that holds upper and lower body together. Don't lock your elbows, keep them soft and charged. Timing should be two seconds down and two seconds up, don't rush. Perform it nice and slow.