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ABS session 4

By using your own body you can have a killer abs workout.

No equipment needed.
Give it a go!
Allow only 10 seconds break between the exercises.
1.  Abs Combo x10
2.  Legs up crunch x15
3.  Flutter kicks x40
4.  One side elevated crunches x30 (15x each side🔥)
5.  Tap toes + through crunches x20

Rest for 45 seconds and repeat 4 times 💯

Let's do this!

Push-up Challenge 2

Push up Challenge 2!
If you want to get chest workout done but don't fancy doing weights, you can always try these push-ups. They can be done everywhere so you don't even need to leave your house. 

Allow 20 seconds break between each push-up.

🔴 Standard x12
🔴 Reverse x12
🔴 Archer x10 (5x each side)
🔴 Tap the knee x10 (5x each side)
🔴 Sphinx x10
🔴 Bird Dog x12 (6x each side)
🔴 Plyometric x10
🔴 Repeat 3 times🔥💯💪

Let's do it!!!!


Top 5 Benefits of Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes!!!
Don't be scared to use them. 
If you want to burn fat or build some muscles they are a great addition to your workout routine.

One of the best ways to loose belly fat. 

My Top 5 Benefits:
1. Works all of your muscle groups.
2. Helps to burn fat and build muscles simultaneously.
3. Improves posture.
4. Makes fast and effective cardio workout.
5. You can take them anywhere.

But most of all:

They are lots of fun!!!! 
Try it!