Power Hour

If you think that you have what it takes and have already completed a package then Power Hour is definitely for you. Following initial consultation I will push you to your limits and help you to explore out of your comfort zone. The sessions are not easy, however you can use Power Hour for specific goals which we can discuss during the consultation period. The main purpose of Power Hour is to make you feel comfortable being uncomfortable. I will make our sessions as fun as possible so you will get most of it and I can correct your technique and introduce you to different types of exercises which you can apply to your own routine. I will introduce you to much more intense fitness games which you would have experienced during the completion of your package.

Together, we will be working towards beating your personal best depending on your long term goals. There will be much more pushing, jumping, pulling, running, lifting than you can ever imagine. I will introduce you to more advanced calisthenic techniques so you can apply it into your own workout which is a great way to get in shape without actually using any equipment and can be done pretty much everywhere.

 This section is NOT for a new clients, if you wish to sign up for Power Hour then you need to complete one of the packages first. It is for our own benefits as we can get to know each other really well and I can push you to your limits having in mind what your fitness level is and how committed you are. There is a free fitness assessment included with your first booking.

 Once you complete one of the packages we can discuss your options and you can book a minimum of 2 sessions with a free assessment - this can be done once or twice a week.